Keyboard won't connect via USB on Thunderbolt 3.0 dock. New problem.

My Windows 10 computer updated last night. Now, my USB keyboard won’t connect via my Thunderbolt 3.0 dock. If I plug the USB keyboard dongle directly into my computer, it works. Any thoughts?

For the benefit of anyone else following this thread, Rachel also reached out to us directly via and the issue has been resolved. I have included an edited snippet of the relevant information for resolution below.

"Based on your description, it sounds like there may be an authentication issue happening. To expand further, a Thunderbolt 3 dock must be authenticated or ‘approved’ before certain elements will function. While video outputs will always function regardless of authentication status, the USB ports, Ethernet port and audio port will not work if they are not properly authenticated.

Given that the problem coincided with a Windows Update, our first step is to ensure that the Intel Thunderbolt Software that controls this process is in a good state by reinstalling the latest version provided by Dell and then re-authenticating the dock. If you would, please follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the TBT3-UDV from the system and remove its power cable so it turns off completely. Please keep it disconnected until prompted.
  2. Uninstall the Intel ‘Thunderbolt Software’ present on your system via the Control Panel -> Programs and Features.
  3. Restart the system, even if not prompted.
  4. Download and install of fresh copy of the Intel Thunderbolt Software published for your system by Dell from here ->
  5. Restart the system once again, even if not prompted.
  6. Reconnect the power cable to the TBT3-UDV dock, and then reconnect the Thunderbolt 3 cable from the dock to your system.
  7. You should be prompted to authenticate/approve the dock, similar to what we show here ->… Please approve the device as shown in the example using the ‘Always Connect’ option. * There is a chance the approval prompt will not pop-up automatically. If that is the case please just proceed with the next step for now. *
  8. Please test the USB and ports in the dock again."

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

Thanks. This did work like a charm. Appreciate the quick help!

You are very welcome Rachel.

Please let us know if you need any help in the future!