keyboard not working with dell venue8 pro


keyboard only works on the lock screen and nowhere else


Hi Kris,

Thanks for posting! May I ask for a little more detail about the behavior you are seeing?

Can you let us know what Plugable product you are using?

In general when I have seen keyboard issues like the one you are describing it usually turned out to be related to the keyboard itself. In some instances I have seen keyboards with special function keys or other types of modifiers have those functions inadvertently turned on causing erratic behavior.

Let us know what product you are using and as much detail as you can and we can go from there.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies


Hi Bob,

I’m using the pro8 docking station with a Dell venue8 pro. Funny you mention the “special function keys” as I noticed that a couple of these work like the “sleep” button and “music” button. It’s a Dell keyboard but I’ve also tried a general amazon keyboard as well with the same issue. I didn’t personally turn these functions on and would have no idea how to turn them off. Is there a certain keyboard you can suggest to use that will gaurentee compatibility?


Hi Kris,

Thanks for getting back so quickly and providing the updated information!

In general and standard USB keyboard should work just fine. As you tried a different keyboard I don’t think it is the keyboard itself but rather something with the Venue or Windows. My next recommendation would be to completely power down (don’t just restart and don’t just put it to sleep) the Venue and disconnect it from the dock. Power the unit up while it is still disconnected and see if the system functions as expected with the on-screen keyboard. Now completely power down the unit again, reconnect it to the dock and power it back up and test the keyboard again (use the Amazon one for now if it doesn’t have the multimedia keys).

Hopefully that solves it. Prior to Plugable the company I worked for deployed a limited number of Venue 11’s and I vaguely remember something like this happening but it was related to the Venue itself or Windows (we didn’t use a Plugable dock but the Dell dock in that case).

Let us know the results when you have time,




I’ve tried all those suggestions with both keyboards with no luck in fixing the problem.


I’ve also tried downloading the most current drivers for the pro8


Hi Kris,

Thanks for testing again so quickly.

Are you also using a wired mouse connected to the dock? Is that working properly even though the keyboard is not? The hub in the dock seems to be working properly or else the keyboard wouldn’t work at all and not just on the lock screen.

If the mouse is working properly and you can access the desktop the next step would be to check device manager to see if anything is amiss, and then check the Windows Accessibility settings (also known as Ease of Use) to make sure none of the assistance modes have been inadvertently turned on.

To access Device Manager you can right-click on the Microsoft logo in the lower left-hand corner of your desktop and select ‘Device Manager’. You want to check both ‘Keyboards’ section to see if the keyboard is being detected properly.

To access the Ease of Access center right-click again on the Microsoft logo and then select Control Panel and then Ease of Access. There are several settings related to the keyboard that may have been turned on that could be affecting the behavior after the lock screen.




Hi Bob,
thanks for the quick reply. Yes the mouse works flawless. Windows is also recognizing the the keyboard As a compatible device “working properly” Ease of access is configured properly Also to let you know I am proficient in windows configurations And processes. I have tried multiple configurations. Which “ease of access setting” might conflict with this?


Hi Kris,

Thanks for the updated information. There are multiple Ease of Access settings that can be triggered accidentally but the one that stuck in my mind was under ‘Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard’, specifically the option for ‘Use On-Screen Keyboard’ (see screenshot below)

Do you have another system other than the Venue to connect to the dock just as a test? In addition to the cable in the box to connect to the Venue there was a standard micro B to type A cable to connect to another system.

Thank you,




I do and will try that I have a Lenovo I can try