Keyboard not recognised during boot when connected to USB 2.0 sharing switch

After installing a Plugable USB 2.0 Sharing Switch, during the boot process of my Dell Dimension C510, the keyboard is not detected. This causes me to be unable to select my OS from the bootloader, unless I unplug the keyboard and plug it into the machine.

The switch has a passive 5 port hub, with a Logitec wireless mouse receiver and Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 v1 keyboard. The switch is connected to the PC with the stock USB lead.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for letting us know! Sorry that the keyboard is not detected during startup through our switch. Normally this works just fine.

This could be caused by many different factors (BIOS settings, CMOS, etc) so please email us at and we’ll help get to the bottom of this.

Plugable Technologies