keep getting "trying to connect" trying to connect windows 7.0 and windows 8.1

I’m trying to transfer files from an HP laptop running windows 7.0 to a Dell running windows 8.1
Both machines recognize the USB- have it in the 2.0 port on the new Dell. tried several times. Properties on both say that it is working properly.
any ideas?

Thanks for asking!

We resolved this issue via email, but for anyone else who may find it useful in the future, here’s what appeared to be happening:

Windows 7 tries to automatically start the transfer process when it detects a transfer cable plugged in, using the built-in “Windows Easy Transfer” software. If it’s attached to another Windows 7 machine, the same process automatically starts when the cable is plugged into the other system, they make a connection, and you are guided through the transfer process.

However, Microsoft have removed the “Windows Easy Transfer” software in Windows 8.1, so things behave differently. The Windows 7 system will try to make the connection, but the 8.1 system gives no indication that anything is happening.

In this scenario, when one/both of the systems has Windows 8.1 installed, additional software will need to be installed on both systems. We include a license (key sent via email with purchase) for “Bravura Easy Computer Sync” software which works with 8.1. This software allows for dragging and dropping data between two PCs using the transfer cable.

More information on the transfer process using the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software can be found here:…