Just got a USB 2.0 10 Port Hub and it wouldn't install on my iMac.

Hi, I have your USB 2.0 10-Port Hub and so far, I’m not happy with it. Maybe I need better directions and I’m not doing something right. I attached the unit to my iMac and then plugged it in. I never saw any installation icon or anything. The unit had a blue light, so I know it had power. Finally, I plugged in one of my usb cables (my printer), and it wasn’t recognized. Did I do things in the wrong order? I thought it was supposed to be easier than this and more straightforward.

My computer is sluggish as well and acting strange. I turned it off to unplug everything and it took a long time to shut down. With it plugged in, Safari takes a long time to load each website.

Where are these employees that are here to help? I realize the work day is over but will someone help me get this thing working tomorrow?

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’ll be able to help. With USB hubs, the necessary software is part of the operating system so there’s nothing to install when the hub is plugged in. Because it’s built in, you won’t see any big performance changes when the hub alone is connected.

If possible can you test the hub with a simple USB device like a mouse or keyboard? Make sure that the power cable is connected to the wall, and that the blue light is on, then connect it to the Mac, then connect the mouse. Does the mouse work? If not does it work when plugged into the same port where the hub was connected.

If the mouse (or other simple device) works, we’ll troubleshoot what’s happening with the printer, if the mouse works plugged directly into the computer, but does not when plugged into the hub with the hub plugged into the same port, we’ll know something is wrong with either the hub or cable.

Let me know what you find.
We’re here to help!


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I used an iphone dock and followed your suggestions and the hub did not work.I am using an imac 24inch with lion 10.7.3.It seems to me that there is no software for the hub that is being recognized.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your post. Can you say more about your issue? Which Plugable product do you have? The O.S. already knows how to talk to the hub, do you won’t see installation of the hub itself, just things that are plugged into it.

For some first steps, make sure the blue light on the hub stays on when it’s disconnected from the iMac. That will mean that the power supply is connected to a wall outlet and is functioning correctly, If that’s all in order, try a simple USB device like a mouse or keyboard in the hub. If that works, we’ll know that the hub is at functioning.

Sorry I can’t give more detailed advice. If you are still having issues, just send your Amazon Order ID over to support@plugable.com and we’ll figure out next steps.

Let me know what you find.

plugable USB 2.0 10-port hub Tried what you suggested and still doesn’t work.Light is on when disconnected from comp.

Hi Bruce,

Can you confirm that a mouse doesn’t work when connected to the hub, but does work when connected directly to the computer?

Let me know if that’s the case, and if so, please send your Amazon Order Id to support@plugable.com


Yes the mouse works when connected directly but not through the hub.The mouse is wireless.

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the additional detail. Please contact us at support@plugable.com so we can get you fixed up.


I got it working now - thanks!

Not mine.

Hi Bruce,

Please email us at support@plugable.com. We’ll get you fixed up.


For Kathy Dahlin (if you are still reading this page)How did you get your hub working?

How did you get it to work?


Just plugged in my new 10 port usb 2.0 w power adapter. Using my Mac Mini running 10.8.4.

Testing with usb mouse. Power is on in hub and usb mouse. Mouse not responding. Mouse works when plugged directly into Mac.
Amazon Order #108-7614933-2926635.