Just bought and installed. Nothing works. Very unhappy.

I’m incredibly unhappy with your product. The instructions stink – not explaining whether you need to install the updated drivers and the software that comes in the box.

Downloaded the updated drivers, and connected the device with a monitor.

I wish I had my money back, and you’ve stolen an hour of my time with your inferior product.

The stress you added to my life probably took a month from my life.

How are you going to help me? Where’s a support number to call? Don’t even think about an asynchronous email exchange.

I may be in a similar position soon. I have pulled the User Manual from the disc and am going through it now. In the past I have down loaded the software first, re booted, plug in the device and let Windows find it. Windows would usually find some addional items needed and down load them and all is good.

I’m now working with a MS SurfacePro, Windows 8 , both new to me and the Plugable device. Keep at it, these units really look like they will be of valve once we figure them out. I agree a phone number would be nice and also some addional activity on these Fourms would be of benefit.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for posting on our forum. If you are having any issues or have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at support@plugable.com, or start a new thread here on the forums.