Issues with UD-CAM and Lenovo Thinkpad

I got the UD-CAM and while every once in a while it will work, mostly it’s very buggy.

Originally in both usb-c ports, it seems to keep mounting and unmounting. After a while I would get a pop-up asking if I wanted to turn on Airplane Mode, and if I selected “yes” it would setting down for a bit, until I changed anything plugged in on the dock.

I updated all the firmware/BIOS stuff possible on my computer, but that only seemed to stop the “airplane mode” pop up from happening so now the work around is even more of a pain. It’s still doing that mounting/unmounting thing on both ports, the microphone symbol comes off and on. If there is no HDMI monitor attached I can see the charging/battery icon change.

So far I’ve got it to work semi-consistently by unplugging everything from the dock and plugging it back in again when the dock is already connected to the laptop, but that defeats the point of the dock and is more annoying than just plugging it all into the laptop directly. Combos of just powering it off either before or after plugging it into the computer don’t seem to do anything. The problem persists if any one thing is plugged into the dock when it’s plugged into the computer, including just a pair of earbuds. I need to remove the laptop from dock minimum like 5 times a day.

Is there a driver I can install or any known programs that might be messing with it I can disable? Lenovo has a lot of bloatware, as well as apparently 70 different Dolby/Intel interfaces.

So far hooked up to the dock I have an HD monitor with HDMI, a keyboard and scanner, and once I get it settled down, a USB mouse. When I get it sorted I’ll likely have desktop speakers and another small hub for external hard drives as well.

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Thank you so much for reaching out to us, I am sorry to hear that you are running into this issue, but I would be more than happy to assist!

Based on the description of the issue, the problem is most likely related to a bug inside of the newly released “ThinkVantage” software Lenovo supplies with their systems. It introduced the new “Airplane Mode” ability, which can cause enumeration issues with USB-C docks that provide Power Delivery.

If you uninstall the ThinkVantage software from your system, perform a full reset of the dock and reboot your system, does the same issue occur?

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We attempted to provide additional troubleshooting steps and obtain more information from the customer, but we have not received a response back. If the customer would like to continue troubleshooting the issue, or anyone else is running into the same problem, please reach out to us directly at

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