Issues with monitors while computer is docked

I have a Lenovo legion computer hooked up to my Plugable USBC triple display docking station. I have (2) samsung monitors connected via HDMI through the 2k and the 4k ports. I close the laptop and use (2) displays.

Everything worked great for a week… then last night, out of nowhere the 2nd display would not show anything. I went into my display settings and it shows 3 displays (laptop screen, samsung monitor, samsung monitor) but only one samsung monitor shows anything. The 2nd monitor is just black, and it is using the lap top screen as the 3rd monitor.

Hi Corey,

Thanks for posting!

To clarify, what specific video output on the dock is the non-working monitor connected to? Is it the HDMI 2K port or the HDMI 4K port?

Pending this clarification, what if you swap the HDMI connections between the HDMI 2K port and the HDMI 4K port? Does the black screen follow the port or the monitor?

Thanks for giving us a chance to help!


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