Issues with Function key on seemingly working keyboard

Hi! I purchased my keyboard in April of 2021. It has always worked fine but hasn’t been used in the last 6-12 months. My husband has just recently found a use for it however and now we cannot get it to pair to anything as the “Fn” button doesn’t seem to be working. I even tried plugging it into my MacBook Pro and while the laptop did recognize a keyboard was trying to connect, it wouldn’t actually identify it. It powers up and charges. When opened the green power light and blue status light are on but go away a minute or so after. It seems to be working as best as I could say, all but the “Fn” key which I need to be able to pair it.

Hello Leah,

Welcome to the Plugable forums! I can certainly investigate this issue with the Function key on your Bluetooth Keyboard. I’d like to communicate over email if that is okay with you as this would more so be a warranty issue.

Can you reach out to us directly, please visit our contact page which I will leave a link for down below.

In your email please reference ticket #416639 so that we can pick up with support.


Plugable Technologies

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