Issues with connecting HDMI UGA4KHDMI to Windows 10 running in ESXi installed on Mac Mini

Issues with connecting HDMI to Windows 10 running on ESXi.

I installed ESXi 6.0 on the mac mini. Then I installed Windows 10 as its guest OS. Finally, I mapped USB to the virtual machine. It doesn’t seem that after connecting Plugable adapter UGA-4KHDMI to the mac mini usb port, I am getting Windows 10 to detect it and then display it. Did anyone have any similar issues?

Mac Mini >> host OS is ESXi >> guest OS Windows 10

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for posting! Sorry to say that our USB video adapters are not supported from within a virtualized operating system hosted within a VMware hypervisor, as there are complex issues at play with USB pass-through.

That said, we certainly don’t want you stuck with a product you cannot use. We offer a 30-day no-hassle return policy so the unit can be returned for a refund. As I see you have also reached out to us directly via I will respond to you directly with instructions for getting the refund process started.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies