Issue with Plugable UD-3900 drivers for Windows 10

Issue with Plugable UD-3900 drivers for Windows 10. My laptop will not load the proper driver and shows ‘generic superspeed usb hub’ with error ‘this device cannot start. (code 10)’

Has anyone encountered this and if so, what was the fix?

Thanks for getting in touch!

It sounds like the hub in the dock is having issues. Have you tried resetting the dock? To do this, simply unplug the USB and power cables from the back of the hub, wait ~30 seconds, then attach the power and USB cables in that order.

Let me know if that helps!

Now it’s much worse. Both laptop screen and monitor flickering and device manager continually finding/re-finding displays and adapters. Not very happy at all with this product, wish I could return it.

Thanks for trying that!

Sorry to hear the behavior has gotten worse. I’d like to gather logs from your system and see what might be going wrong. If you get the chance, could you please contact me directly at mentioning ticket #22629 that we’ve opened for this issue.