Issue using USB 3.0 to DVI with KVM switch.

I have the USB 3.0 to DVI adapter plugged into a KVM switch. When I switch between machines, the screens hooked through the USB 3.0 adapter freeze and do not function again until they are unplugged and replugged.

Hi Scott,

Sorry to hear of these issues. Behavior between USB graphics devices and KVMs can be very mixed and if it isn’t working there are a limited amount of things to try. If your KVM has a software or firmware update available, that would definitely be something worth applying to see if it helps.

If that doesn’t help, we’ll be glad to help assist with returning the USB adapter for a refund.



Thank you for your reply.

Fortunately, I can still return the KVM that I have. Could you recommend a plugable product that would work similar? I see you have some docking stations.

I was thinking about your A/B switch. Will that be compatible with the display adapters? I’m using two adapters for two DVI monitors and I have a third HDMI monitor that I have not got an adapter for yet, but I can if needed.

Lastly, how are your USB 3.0 to HDMI adapters when it comes to high definition gaming?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Scott,

Many customers do use our USB 3.0 A/B switch along with a hub and multiple USB graphics adapters/input devices to create a makeshift KVM as you mention.

However, USB graphics adapters are not compatible with gaming, so given that requirement, it may make sense to go in a different direction for your setup.