Isochronous USB data transfer through USB 2.0 7 and 10 port

Your powered USB hubs seem to do what I need them to do, but do they also handle Isochronous USB data transfer well? We need to plug in a USB TV tuner.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for posting to ask! Yes, our 4 and 7 port USB 2.0 hubs are the best match for the Pi (we have at least a few hundred Pi customers using them). And devices using isochronous endpoints are no problem (at least from the USB 2.0 hub perspective).

The two particular models of our hubs that we recommend with the Pi are:
Plugable USB2-HUB4BC
Plugable USB2-HUB-AG7…

They’re a good match for the USB TV tuner, where you need the extra 5V power that the hub provides.

Thanks for asking, and just let us know if you have any follow-up questions. And if the setup has any troubles at all, we’d be happy to help.


I saw your earlier question also, and just to give a little more background, we recommend these particular models of our hubs because

* They’re USB 2.0. The Pi is a USB 2.0 host, so any USB 3.0 hub doesn’t provide any advantage. And even though our USB 3.0 hubs have a higher amperage power adapter, we’ve seen a few reports of problems, so we just recommend going the simpler route.

* Our hubs have good diodes to protect against backvoltage to the Pi’s circuit that can cause problems

* Since they have good power supplies (2.5A on the 4 port, 3A on the 7 port), there’s plenty of power for both the Pi itself and all attached devices, avoiding brownout voltage drops.

* The controller and PCB design avoids any power inrush when the hub starts up, which can cause the Pi to reset.

It’s basically a combination of these things which cause problems with so many other hubs.

These two models of Plugable hubs avoid all of them, which is why they’re so reliable with the Pi.

Hope that helps - again, feel free to follow up with any questions.