Is USB2-SWITCH2 compatable with DL-3900 Docking Station?

I’m wondering if anyone has had luck using a USB2-SWITCH2 to drive 2 computers connected to a DL-3900 dual monitor docking station that drives 2 monitors, keyboard and mouse?

I have another switch (different brand) that drives my 2 computers but I can’t get dual monitors to work. With my off brand switch I get 2 monitor support on 1 computer and single monitor support on the other computer but share the keyboard and mouse on both. Thanks for your help.


Thank you for contacting Plugable! I would be happy to provide additional information regarding our products.

Unfortunately our USB2-SWITCH2 is not fully compatible with docking stations (such as the UD-3900), as these docks typically require a USB 3.0 connection to support full video/USB/Ethernet functionality.

We would normally recommend our USB3-SWITCH2 to allow you to swap a dock between computers. Unfortunately USB3-SWITCH2 production has been hit hard by the global chipset shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is no clear timeline for restocking with our vendors at this time.

Sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news, but hopefully this information was helpful.

Thank you!

Plugable Technologies

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