Is two-way transfer possible (old computer to new & new to old)?

I’ve already transferred from my old computer (XP) to my new (7.0). However, I still used my old computer for various tasks. What I’d like to be able to do is share work from my new computer with my old, but I can’t find how to accomplish such a transfer. The capability description that came with the cable seemed to me to say such was possible, but I haven’t figured it out. Any help appreciated.

Hi Victor,

The method to transfer from new computer to old will depend on how you wish to transfer things - either as a one-time transfer, or synchronizing files on both systems as a one-time operation, or on a regular basis.

We have an overview of the different transfer options on our site:…

If you just wish to transfer one time between systems, I’d suggest using the “Transfer data to a new computer” option in the program. When prompted in the program regarding “Is this you’re old PC or new PC”, choose “old PC”, for whichever PC contains the data that you wish to transfer to the other PC.

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