Is there any way to improve the latency in the audio for a bluetooth headphone attached to a USB-BT4LE?


Is there any way to improve the latency in the audio for a bluetooth headphone attached to a USB-BT4LE?
I purchased USB-BT4LE from Amazon this week.
I have installed the drivers from the CD, and I have very bad lag in the audio for a bluetooth headset. It starts off slight, but gets worse as time goes on. I am forced to restart the audio services in Windows 7, which makes the lag improve, but still worsens over time.


Hi there,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’d be glad to help! Let’s see if we can narrow down the issue you’re seeing:

  1. If you pair the headset with a mobile phone or another device, is the lag still there?
  2. Make sure that there are no other USB devices connected right next to the port where the adapter is plugged in, in order to help reduce signal interference.
  3. You mentioned that restarting the audio service in Win 7 helps temporarily, which audio service are you referring to?

Thanks for any additional details you can provide!



Thank you for the reply!


  1. I don’t have any other devices to test with, just the PC
  2. I’ll try this out!
  3. Here is the suite of services I’m restarting via a batch file:
    net stop audiosrv
    net stop audioendpointbuilder
    net start audioendpointbuilder
    net start audiosrv

Does the Bluetooth driver/stack have any ability to change the ‘A2DP’ profile that is used with paired devices? Would this profile switching cause this sort of latency issue? My headphones are using this standard. At least I think they are. My theory at this moment, is that each time this ‘A2DP’ profile changes, it introduces some sort of lag that is cumulative.


Thanks for the details there. The A2DP profile is the standard profile for stereo Bluetooth headsets, it’s the only profile that would allow stereo audio connection.
Are you seeing that the device drops out of A2DP profile periodically into mono? If you right click on the Bluetooth icon in your lower right system tray and select Show Bluetooth Devices, then right click on your headset>Properties>Services tab, the available profiles of the device should be listed here.



Hello Ellen,

I’ve had the same problem for a long time now but haven’t come across any quick fix.
The lag occurs only on my pc. Cellphones work flawlessly with my BH503 bluetooth headset. Also, the delay in audio (its more of a consistent stutter, as in buffering, and very annoying) occurs when the headset has been idling for a few minutes. What I usually do to avoid this is have a song play on my windows media player, pause, and leave it minimized while I carry on with youtube and spotify etc.

I would be a very happy man If you could find me a viable fix for this, other than suggesting me to invest in a better headset/bluetooth adapter with fancy ‘apt-x’ features.