Is there any USB to HDMI adapter with dual-dvi support? I have a 30" monitor with only a dual-dvi connector. thanks!

I have two 30” Dell displays that are quite old… the only input on the display is a DVI plug, which I’m quite certain is a dual-DVI plug. (I’ve always needed to buy a dual-DVI graphics card to work with this).

I would like to use these with a tiny PC that can’t support internal cards… definitely want a USB connection. I saw that this version of your USB adapter (…) doesn’t work with Dual-DVI… but is there *any way* I can get this to work on this display at its native resolution? How high a resolution can I get with these?
Thanks for any help!

We answered this question via email, and are posting the reply below for others who may find it beneficial while researching an issue:

Thanks for the email. Dual link DVI is tough, as nothing but full desktop GPUs supports this functionality anymore.

Only route I could think of is finding a mini PC which has either DisplayPort or miniDisplayPort, and trying the following (ridiculously expensive) DP to DL-DVI active adapter:…

We haven’t tested this, but it’s the only thing that might conceivably work.

Sorry we don’t have anything that’s a good fit, but good luck with your setup!