Is there an UNDO (please let it be)?

using drag & drop one way (old to new computer), I dragged a folder named “Exel” which had various data folders and files in it from my old computer to my new computer. The new computer had two subfolders under its “Exel” daa folders. They of course disappeared at the Exel folder from my old computer replaced the Exel data folder on my new computer (which had my tax info for all of 2014 in the subfolders). Is there any way to retrieve them? I have stopped right after this, afraid to go further until I see if there is an UNDO.

Good to know: I got my folders and files back. (Yeah!!!) Although they didn’t show up on Windows Explorer’s file listing any longer, there was a “Recent Places” listing under “Favorites” at the top of the Windows Explorer" file list. I clicked on it, and my folders showed up. I was able to double-click & open the files so I copied them to a USB drive, then back onto my new computer’s hard drive.

Hi Dan,

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