Is there an android app/driver that will work to connect my Samsung Note 3 and Plugable usb2-micro-200x microscope?

Trying to connect the microscope camera to my Samsung note 3 as an external camera device. Is there an app I can download to my phone that will recognize the USB 2 using an adaptor USB to mini cable connected to the phone? The phone runs an Android OS 4.4.2

I found and tried several apps and finally found an android OS external camera app on Google Play
that works. This app allowed me to use the usb2-micro-200x cable connecting my Samsung Note 3 to a plugable microscope. I can view via the phone display what the microscope is focused on. Pictures and video can be captured to the phone storage via the camerafi app software.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for posting here! And for sharing the link to the app. It would indeed be helpful for many users. So we really appreciate it!

Once again, thanks for sharing!