Is there an alternate to Fn+space for the presentation function?

Hello, I have the USB2-VGA-165 and it is working well. I would like to use the monitor connected to the USB2-VGA-165 for a presentation and I noted that one can press Fn+space to move the active screen over the monitor. However, I do not have a Fn key available. I was wondering if there is another key sequence that will achieve the same result or if there is a menu available where I can select the presentation function.
Thank you

Hi - Thanks for posting!

On some systems, fn-space is a hotkey for a zoom function. Is that how it’s working on your system? If so, yes, there a bunch better ways.

Most people do the simple thing of dragging a window over from their main display. If the mouse (and any windows you’re dragging) don’t “cross over” to the other monitor, then it’s likely Windows is configured thinking the monitor is on the other side of your laptop – try dragging off the other side of the laptop screen.

(and then you can tell Windows the actual position in Win7’s “Screen Resolution” control panel by dragging the images of the monitors around)

In terms of hotkeys, a nice trick is to use Win7’s new Windows Key+Arrow combinations. If your monitor is off the right side of your screen, hold down the Windows key, press the right arrow twice, then up arrow once. This will move the window to take 50% of your current screen, then move it over to the screen to your right, then maximize it.

Hope we’re guessing right about what’s happening on your system. Post back if anything isn’t clear at all - we’ll be able to help. Thanks!



Thanks for your response. I have been dragging the window over to the other monitor and that works fine. The thing I like about the Fn+space function is that it moves the screen over and maximizes it in quick step.
Unfortunately I cannot take advantage of the Win7 Key+arrow feature since I am using XP.


Hi Bruce,

Ah, got it. Yea, unfortunately on XP there isn’t another hotkey (that I’m aware of) which will get you there more quickly. There may be options with 3rd party programs, but I haven’t tried them.

Let us know if you find anything!