Is there a way to control the camera settings via python/OpenCV?

Hi, is there a way to control the camera settings via python/OpenCV? It takes too long for the sensor to auto expose, and I’d like to leave the LEDs on all the time and just take a quick photo. I plan to either manually alter the microscope to keep the LEDs on all the time or use a software method if one exists.

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Thanks for asking!

Unfortunately, we can’t help with your development efforts with OpenCV, though I do encourage you do read the OpenCV documentation and do some experimentation, it’s a very versatile library.

The LEDs are not controllable via software, they are hard wired to the sensor circuit and only turn on when the sensor is accessed. If having a light on all the time is a requirement, a separate device is the best way to go. Having separate light at a 45 degree angle is better in many situations anyway, it eliminates some glare issues.

Auto-contrast and auto-exposure are also a function of the EtronTech chipset in the microscope, and are only controllable via on/off switches in the software. This may also be possible in OpenCV, but again I recommend checking out that library documentation for assistance.