Is Plugable USB 2.0 Switch compatible with print servers?

Any reason why the Plugable USB 2.0 Switch would not work to connect either a computer running Windows or a USB print server located on a NAS unit running Linnux? Tat is, can one of the two computers be a Linnux-based print server?

Hi Wayne-

Thanks for contacting Plugable support!

Our USB2-SWITCH2 is designed to function exactly as physically removing a cable from device A and putting it into device B, so please feel free to test by doing this physically to see if it works for you. For what it’s worth, I would typically not recommend switching a device between a print server and Windows PC since I’ve been able to use CUPS printers in Windows with no issue.

Please let me know if you’ve any other questions.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Technician
Plugable Technologies

Thanks Jeff, but you’re talking way above me. I had no idea what a CUPS printer is until I just looked it up and I’m not likely to ever learn enough to use it. Which means that if your USB2 switch does the trick then I will get one. First, if I understand correctly, I need to test whether moving the cable from one device to the other when both are turned on does the trick; if so then your switch should work.

But I do have one related question for you:

When everything is powered up, does the switch remember which of the two “B” Ports was connected to its host? Or is one of the “B” ports always selected on powerup?