is Plugable USB 2.0 2-Port Hub/Splitter really BadUsb save?

Hello, im not sure if your Product “Plugable USB 2.0 2-Port Hub/Splitter” is really BadUsb save as you are saying this is for Products with “Terminus”-Chipset, but Amazon writes in the Product Description there is a “Nec”-Chipset inside, greetings

This is a good question to ask. Terminus Technology USB 2.0 chipsets are the most well-known to not have updatable firmware. We use them in all our USB 2.0 hubs and docks, with the one exception you highlighted.

The Plugable USB 2.0 2-Port Hub (USB2-2PORT) uses the NEC / Renesas μPD720114 chipset. The online datasheet is here:…

There is no mention of updatable firmware, and specific mention of configuration via I/O lines to eliminate the need for an external ROM – so that’s good evidence there is nothing updatable about the chip.

Josh, I am running Windows 10 Home recently clean/reinstalled and keyboard going out from time to time when plugged into Plugable 2.0 2-Port Hi-Speed Hub…mouse is fine…could it be a driver issue or xyz? RK