iRulu Tablets and Ethernet Adapter


I do not see that anyone has reported using iRulu tablets with the PLUGABLE USB 2.0 OTG MICRO-B TO 10/100 ETHERNET ADAPTER (this choice was not on related product/service dropdown). Many iRulu tablets indicate they support Ethernet with an adapter on their micro USB port. Does anyone have any experience with this adapter and iRulu tablets?


Hi Rod,

Thank you for posting the question here. We are sorry but we aren’t sure the iRulu tablet compatibility, but I am carious about " Many iRulu tablets indicate they support Ethernet with an adapter on their micro USB port."

If you wanted to make any external device (such as this Ethernet adapter) works, the necessary device driver has to be running on the host system. If the host system was a PC OS such as Windows and Mac OS X it’s easy. You can install the device driver whenever you needed.
But Android doesn’t allow users to install any driver. Hence, the device driver has to be installed *when the Android tablet/phone was shipped from the manufacturer*. In other words, it’s Android device dependent.

Then I was wondering what kind of device driver for USB Ethernet the iRulu tablets has built in, if they indicated they support Ethernet over USB port. If the tablet has the device driver for this USB2-E100, the chip set ASIX AX88772, this adapter would work with that tablet. I think it’s a good idea to ask to iRule about this.

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at We’re here to help!

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I forgot to mention one thing. If the iRulu tablets are running Windows 8.x and 10, (but not RT,) it’s compatible. The device driver for this adapter (the chip set AX88772) has been built-in. When you are plugged in the adapter into the USB port for the first time, Windows will detect and setup the driver automatically.

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