Invalid Format

When I connect my UGA-2K-A via VGA cable to my Vizio M220MV HTTV monitor I get the message “Invalid Format.” Does this mean the TV and DisplayLink are incompatible or are there adjustments I can make but have not yet been able to discover? I’m running Windows 7 Ultra.

Hi emorej1941.

Thanks for posting your question, I’ll be glad to help. Can you say a bit more about how the Vizio M220MV and the computer are connected? Is there a VGA connection on the TV side or is it RGB (or something else)?

It looks like it should work with the VGA cable connected to the RGB port on the monitor. You’ll have to change the input on the monitor to RGB using the remote or the buttons on the side of the TV.

In the manual available here:…

There’s some information on page 47 regarding setting the proper video timing that may be helpful.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for your patience

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