Internet continually connecting then disconnecting

Typically I run my internet off of a wi-fi connection here at the office. To get a more robust secure connection I decided to plug my ethernet cable into my plugable docking station and run the internet that way. When I did that the internet kept continually connecting and disconnecting. However when I plugged directly into my computer it worked fine. Any recommendations?

Thanks for posting! Sorry there’s some sort of problem happening - let’s figure it out.

Quick questions:

* What operating system are you running? (there is a known issue like this on Mac which is solvable with the right driver versions)
* When it disconnects, does the USB network device seem to disappear when you look in device manager (Windows) or system profiler (Mac)?

From that, we’ll figure out next steps.

Thanks for your patience!

Thanks Bernie.

*I’m running Windows 7 64 bit on an HP Pavilion.
*When it disconnects I go into the network and sharing center and under “connections” i watch the connection connect, then disconnect, and so on…

I didn’t look under the device manger. I’ll attempt in the morning and see if that happens.