Internet connection issue

Hi, i have the plugable usb-c Docking Station, UD-ULTCDL
when im doing the speed test via the original laptop ethernet port i get 101Mpbs,
and when im doing the same test via the plugable docking station port i get 70 Mbps - not stable.

what is the reason?

Thanks, Amit.

Hi Amit,

Thanks for posting!

Any USB-connected Ethernet adapter (not just our dock) has the potential to be slower than a built-in Ethernet port due to the different connection types. That said, if the connection is not stable there could be outside factors contributing to the behavior and/or performance level.

To that end, can you confirm you are using the USB-C cable that was included in the box with the dock to connect it to your system? I ask because in some cases 3rd-party cables can cause problems similar to what you describe…

You may have already tried this, but if you have a new Ethernet cable available, swapping it in will help rule out the current Ethernet cable as the source of the problem.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies