Intermittent Issues with connectivity to internet

I have had intermittent issues with connecting to the internet. My docking station is connected directly to my router and sometimes appears to be turned off. At the same time, it says that my laptop is not plugged in. However my monitor and keyboard/mouse work fine when this happens. What could be causing this?

Hi Tan,

We sent an email in response to this post, but have not received a response. Posting the contents of the email below:

Jul 12 09:26

I’m hoping to get a bit more information regarding specifics of the behavior. How does the docking station appear turned off? (Is the LED not lighting up, or is it because things aren’t functioning as they should.)

Also, I’m hoping to get more information regarding it saying that your laptop isn’t plugged in - is there an error message regarding this behavior, or is this a diagnostic screen in Windows providing this information?

Hopefully a bit of additional information will help determine the best way for us to resolve things.


Hi there,

So the lights at the ethernet port at the back of the docking station don’t flicker or appear to be “on.”

As for my laptop not being plugged in, essentially, the icon for my network connection on my task bar gets a red “X” over it and indicate that I have no internet connection.

Does that make sense?


Hi Tan,

That makes sense - it sounds like the ethernet adapter isn’t making a successful connection. This can be caused by either hardware or software, so we’ll want to investigate a bit deeper to determine what the cause is.

We’ve got a troubleshooting tool called PlugDebug that’s helpful in situations like this. It allows us to get a better look at the behavior of the system, the state of the drivers, etc.

At your convenience, if you could please head over to:

There you will find a download link as well as instructions. You’ll want to run it with the ethernet cable attached to the dock, and the dock attached to the system. After it’s complete, please send the .zip file created by the program (saved to your desktop) to and we’ll have a look to determine what the best steps will be.