Intermittent disconnection on the hub when MBP 14 is below certain % on battery

Whenever MBP 14 M1 Pro is below certain percentage on battery, plugging the hub to charge seem to be not working occasionally. If the battery is almost full, the hub remains connected.

This happens whether there are other peripherals connected to the hub or without.

Does this issue need a support ticket?


Thank you for reaching out to Plugable support. I’d be happy to help!

In this case, I would recommend reaching out directly to us.

I’d like to request some logs from your Mac System to investigate further. Could you please keep the Plugable HUB connected to your system, then navigate to our PlugDebug tool ( and follow the instructions there?

Please include “Ticket #380561” in the email subject.

Thank you for allowing us to help,

Omar D.
Plugable Technologies

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Will do. Thanks!

Should I attempt to replicate the issue while collecting the logs or just do it at a random time?


Thank you for reaching back out.

In this case, we would just want to make sure that the HUB is connected to the system during the log collection.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this process.


Omar D.
Plugable Technologies

Hi Omar,

I noticed that this issue occurs the moment the hub becomes hot. It is not super hot to the touch, but this is what I think the issue behind it.


Thank you for that update.

Were you able to send a copy of the logs to us directly?

I would like to look at the system a bit closer.

However, by the sounds of the issues you’re having, you may need a replacement.

Thank you for allowing us to help

I wasn’t planning to collect the logs after I did the first time.

If you think that’s the case, I will be find to receive the replacement if you are unable to replicate the issue at your end.


I wasn’t able to see any obvious issue when looking at the log files.

Could you reach out with your shipping details directly @

Please include “Ticket 380561” in the subject.

With this information, I can get your replacement sent out.

Thank you for allowing us to help,

Omar D.
Plugable Technologies

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