Intel HD Graphics 5500 drivers on Windows 8.1

Hello, I have a new HP Spectre X360 with the Intel HD Graphics 5500. Do I need to manually update the drivers? I am unable to do anything in the graphics control panel while plugged into the docking station. I am on Windown 8.1 Pro.


There shouldn’t be a need to manually update the the drivers in this configuration. I’m hoping a bit more information may help to better understand what’s happening on your system.

  1. Which docking station are you using?

  2. What type of issues are you having in the Graphics Control Panel? If there are options missing in this panel, attaching photos/screenshots might be helpful in showing us what’s happening.


Hi Gary, I am using the UD-3900. The options missing are related to the display settings. I am having issues with scaling on my monitors and was hoping I could configure a display profile to fix the issue.

In addition, I plugged an DisplayPort to HDMI cable into the dock and am not having any luck getting the monitor to work. Both monitors are Dell U2412M with 1920X1200 resolution.



So, it looks like we’ve got a couple of separate issues in play here.

The Intel graphics control panel will only work with your built-in display, or displays connected directly to your system, so it won’t show anything relating to monitors attached to USB docking stations. However, it’s very unusual to see it completely empty like in your screenshot.

When you have a moment, can you please run our log-gathering tool from the page below:

It will collect driver version information into a .ZIP file that you can email over to for us to have a look.

Regarding the issue with the second monitor - HDMI cannot easily be converted to DisplayPort, and the cable you have is likely intended to go from a DisplayPort output to an HDMI input, not the other way around. (DP source -> HDMI display conversion is fairly simple, but HDMI source -> to DP display as you’re intending isn’t possible due to different types of signaling being used.)

So I’ll look forward to the log files once you have a moment to send them over and we’ll see what the best approach will be regarding the Intel graphics panel.