Installing USB Microscope = "Parameter is Incorrect"

I just purchased your Plugable USB Microscope. Followed instructions at your website. Downloaded and installed Plugable Digital Viewer SW. When I open the viewer, software defaults to Integrated Webcam. I can select USB Microscope from Settings, but immediate message is “The Parameter is Incorrect”. I can see USB Microscope in Device Manager under “Cameras” and under “Sound, Video and Game Controllers”. In “Cameras” the driver is “Video Device” and I had system update to the latest driver, both via on-line and browsing computer. In “Sound, Video and Game Controllers”, driver is “Audio Device” and I had system update to the latest driver, both via on-line and browsing computer. Still cannot get passed “the Parameter is Incorrect”. Can you help me? Thanks.

Usually when this happens, it’s because another application is accessing the camera. Can you try restarting your computer and launching Digital Viewer to see if you’re able to access the microscope?

Thanks for the quick reply Sam. I have restarted and same problem. However, I have noticed that if I select “Integrated Webcam” from the list of devices in Settings, then the Plugable Microscope functions (light comes on and I can focus). Not sure if using “Integrated Webcam” will provide all of the functions of the Plugable Digital Viewer, but maybe this bit of info can help you diagnose the problem. NOTE: If I set the resolution to a higher setting when the “Integrated Webcam” device is selected, it makes the change but does not remember that resolution after closing and re-opening Plugable Digital Viewer. Does that help? Thanks again. -Bob

Thanks for trying that!

It’s common for the devices to be mis-named in this menu, but it does not affect functionality of the device. I suspect that your your built-in webcam is either disabled and for some reason still showing up in the menu, or is not compatible with Digital Viewer.

It’s also expected that all settings relating to a particular camera will not save. This happens because camera information is loaded dynamically when the application opens.

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