Install/Operational Requirements and Usability for UGA-2K-A driver installation.

NOW I see where the product description says “Win 7 … with Aero enabled”. I didn’t catch that on the front end, and my laptop cannot do Aero (too low-end a GPU), which means the UGA-2K-A doesn’t want to function. But… while installing, I got an array of “Cannot install driver” and “Cannot contact Windows Update to update driver” type messages - even though I was running the v5.6 load. Also tried the v6.x, which also didn’t work. So I have several suggestions and comments.

First, shame on me for not reading the requirements more carefully. Nothing substitutes for reading the instructions and hints printed on the heel of the shoe!

Second, it would be a boon to have the driver installer check to see if Aero is running (for WIN7 installs) and if not then TELL THE USER. This is too critical a requirement to be mum about it. Something to add!

Third, it would be a boon if the driver, when it loaded at boot time or whenever it was invoked (e.g. plugging in the device) would report “Hey! Aero isn’t running and I NEED THAT!”. Instead, what I got was some misdirecting error bubble (as noted above) and the driver exits. As a result, I must have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, different driver versions, restarts, Windows Update tricks, etc etc. for an entire evening trying to figure out what was wrong with the installation process, when apparently the issue was that the driver was unhappy about not finding Aero running. Something to add!

Fourth, what is that “Cannot contact Windows Update” thing about, when it was apparently already running the version available from Windows Update (which I downloaded from DisplayLink to install)? Everything else was seeing the internet, and Windows Update was ablel to check for updates, so is that just an erroneous error message (would that be an error’s error?) or some other kind of problem? Something to fix!

I’ll try this on another machine… one that CAN run Aero!

KUDOS: This hardware looks great, and I appreciate the Support forum, and also the Uninstall Everything utility available on your site. That uninstall app will allow me to properly clean up my Aero-challenged laptop. My expectation is that this device will work excellently well on a machine that CAN run Aero! Thanks!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post these thoughtful suggestions in such a gracious way!

I’m totally with you – documentation isn’t enough – the drivers do need better install-time and run-time notifications to the user, when Aero is disabled for any reason. It would eliminate a ton of confusion.

We’ll use your feedback as a prompt again to highlight this to DisplayLink, in the hopes that better handling can make it into upcoming drivers. We’ve been hoping for this too.

I’m sorry for your frustration on the older machine, but glad the problems are clear.

Things should go smoothly with the newer machine. If it has any trouble, please let us know - we’re happy to help.

Thanks again!

Installed it on an Aero equipped Vista laptop last night - Successfully!

Tried the “just plug it in and let Windows Update install the driver” method. No dice. It thought about it a LONG time and then finally said that it didn’t have a clue what to do.

So I downloaded the 5.6 driver install executable from DisplayLink and ran it. That seemed happy enough about loading, then asked for the CD for the Plugable portion. After that, it came right up.

Nice product! Well built, nicely done!