Input power

Can I power this unit directly from my car with 14 volts DC?

The USB Hub is rated for 12V at 5 Amps so the 14V would be to much.

I realize that it says that on the unit and the packaging but often the power converters on the circuit boards are rated for an input voltage range eg. 9-18volts. Im not worried about warrenty I just want to know if it will immediately cook itself if I give it 14 volts. I tried 24 volts and that was a definite no go.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the update.

We do not test higher voltages on our devices as we expect customers to use the recommended voltage with our products.

While this may work at a higher voltage we would expect that the USB Hub would not last and could harm other USB devices that are attached.

In most cases an increase in Amps can be safe, but not an increase in voltage.

As such, we do not recommend connecting this device to any power supply grater than 12V at 5A.

Thank you,

Richard A
Plugable Technologies

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