hello I have an asus laptop with HDMI output and I want to connect 3 TVs with HDMI input that I need to buy equipment or connect to the laptop through the USB output and connect the 3 TVs via USB.

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Without the specifications on the Asus and the televisions I cannot give you any specifics, however I can give some general pointers.

Using a USB 3.0 Dual Display Docking Station like our UD-3900 ( ) and a USB 3.0 2K HDMI graphics adapter like our UGA-2KHDMI ( ) are capable of supporting 1080P televisions ( HDMI cables and DVI to HDMI adapter/cable are not included ). USB graphics adapters are recommended for office or light web browsing work, however are not suitable for gaming or video playback as they may have reduced performance with active content.

If you would like to provide some more details on the computer and televisions, as well as your uses for this setup, I am happy to provide more details.

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