Incorrect design of outer case prevents micro USB cable connector from plugging in properly

High Speed USB 2.0 7 Port Hub
Plugable USB2-HUB-AG7
Model: USB2-HUB-AG7
UPC: 6 49241 88818 5

This contains a complaint. But, primarily it is a question. The micro USB cable which connects this Plugable hub to my PC – the cable is not defective. However, the design of the plastic case prevents me from plugging the cable completely into the connector on the hub. This is a design flaw. Whoever designed the case did not actually ever use this device so they did not discover that the plug disconnects frequently.

Here is what is going on: The connector on this cord will not plug in completely because the case is in the way. So the micro connector is hanging on just barely. And any time I move anything on my desk, the hub is no longer communicating with the PC because the cord comes loose.

Comment: I cannot believe that your folks designed such a great hub but nobody noticed that the connector on the cable does not go all the way into the connector on the hub. How is that possible? Please bring this post to the attention of the person who designed the outer plastic case for this hub.

If you wish to have confirmation of what I am writing, go to Pull up the page where this device is displayed for sale. Read the customer reviews for this device. I am not the only person complaining about this.

I would like to fix this. I intensely dislike how the cord becomes disconnected so frequently.

Question: Can I cut away part of the plastic on the cord or cut away some of the plastic of the shiny black outer case? This device is still under warranty. I do not wish to void my warranty. You are aware of this problem because you certainly have received dozens of complaints about this very irritating design flaw. What should I do? I would like to fix this so the cord stays plugged in. Please provide advice.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for taking the time to get this feedback to us! It’s good of you to take the time to pass it on, rather than just be frustrated – so it’s much appreciated.

First to answer your last question: whatever you need to do, we’ll honor your warranty - don’t worry about it. If you ever need to make a warranty request (by emailing after your mod, just point back to this thread.

Then back to the broader question: we pay very close attention to feedback, so we immediately noticed when the 2nd or 3rd review mentioned that cables to the mini-B connector on the hub were getting pulled out too easily.

We hadn’t noticed it before, but there appeared to be some things we could do better to deal with manufacturing variation in the position of metals and plastics (and with the length of the cable).

One of the things we try to do differently at Plugable is produce in relatively small batches (thousands), and improve each time. So when we saw that feedback originally, we immediately got on it and made some improvements for the unit and the cable. The units with those enhancements are just making it through the supply chain now, so that hubs purchased a few weeks from now will be from the new batch and will hopefully cause less frustration with the mini-B connection being too easy to disconnect.

So the feedback is definitely heard (and, again, we appreciate it!). If you’re willing, we’d love to get a close-in picture of the mini-b cable plugged into the port (emailed to before the mods just to understand for sure if your unit might be different from others. We can also let you know when the new units have cleared through the supply chain.

And let us know if we can do anything else at all for you - our aim is always to make things as right as we can, for anyone who contacts us.

Thanks again!

Ok, thanks. I may buy another cable from to experiment around with. Because I think that I can cut all the rubber off the mini connector and make this thing work better. I would rather not take a hot knife to the beautiful outer case on this USB hub and also would rather not ruin the cable that was standard with this hub.

So, I will probably buy a short replacement mini to type A USB cable and then if I totally destroy that cable when I take a hot knife to it, no big deal.