I just received my Plugable USB 2.0 Universal Docking Station. It is not displaying the monitor. I just read through the documentation and it states that the machine’s CPU memory is used to render graphics and the Plugable USB 2.0 Universal Docking Station requires a laptop with a minimum 2.0ghz CPU is required. My Dell Inspiron has a 1.3ghz Genuine Intel processor. I am assuming the fact that the monitor is not displaying at all through the docking station is due to the fact that my laptop hardware is not sufficient.

Additionally, I am not getting any network connection despite the Ethernet cable is connected to the Plugable USB 2.0 Universal Docking Station.

Do I have a defective unit or is my hardware configuration insufficient to be compatible with this device?

Thanks for posting! Sorry you’re seeing these problems.

The under-spec hardware would be a performance concern, not a cause of devices not working at all. So let’s first see what might be going wrong.

Could you double-check two things: 1) That the dock’s power adapter is tight both to the dock and the wall 2) That the dock’s USB connection back to the laptop is also tight on both sides?

With those double-checks, if you unplug/replug the USB cable from the dock to the laptop, does Windows recognize the hardware at all? When all’s well with Windows, this is what the dock looks like in Windows Device Manager (the 3 built-in devices of the dock are circled)


Thanks for double-checking these things - it will let us figure out next steps.

Thanks for your patience!