%% inch lcd vga hookup

ok soi notice tha ti get stright black line down the screen onky really seenwhen its black the screen but my tv had options to fix this where i ajust the horizantel/vertical and it makes it alot better in ways? but still notperfect

is this normal?
anything to worrie about?
does a gold platedpins shield it better diff vga cord

everything else looks perfect and vga still looks amazing but just curious

Greetings from Plugable support. Thanks for your question. I’m happy to help but need some additional information to support you effectively.

  1. Can you tell me which of our products you are using? You can see the complete list at http://plugable.com/products/.

  2. Can you take a screen capture of the black line you’ve described above and add it as an image in your reply?


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