In Windows 10, why is the driver unavailable for BCM20702A0?

I just bought your Bluetooth USB Adaptor. I have Windows 10 on an old Acer laptop. You say the adaptor should automatically work when I plug it in. When I plug it in nothing happens. I try to connect to the UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker I have, but it can’t connect. I looked in Settings / Connected Devices. It says the driver is unavailable for BCM20702A0.

Hi Tom,

Thank you for posting your question about the Plugable Bluetooth adapter. I’m sorry it is not installing.

Windows update is supposed to install the driver automatically, but sometimes we see situations where that doesn’t happen. Sometimes Windows Update just quits without doing anything, and sometimes it has troubles connecting to the Windows server. There could also be a driver conflict that is preventing it from installing.

Please contact us at, and we will send you the driver file and instructions for installing it.


Plugable Support

I have that problem too. I emailed you as instructed.