image shifted to the left of the monitor


The image on the monitor that I have hooked up with usb 2.0 uga multi display adapter is shifted to the left




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Greetings again from Plugable. I tried to reach you privately last week but did not hear back from you. I’m posting here what wast sent privately with the hope that one of our contact methods will reach you. We certainly want to be able to help.

Can you confirm that the resolution on the monitor on the left is the same as the two on the right? Each monitor’s resolution can be set separately.

If you go into the Windows Control Panel and choose “Adjust screen resolution,” you can see if the monitor on the left is set to its optimal resolution by choosing that monitor from the Display dropdown menu. If it’s not set to its optimal resolution, you can adjust the setting to the recommended resolution and choose Apply.

If a it’s not a problem with the resolution, is there a physical button on the front of the monitor that you can use to auto-adjust the screen alignment. If you are unsure but can give me the monitor model, I can do some research.

Please let me know if one of these suggestions solved the problem or if you are in need of additional support. We want to ensure that Plugable products meet your expectations.

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Thank you for following up. I switch the cable c connecting the monitor to the usb 2.0 uga multi display adaptor from VGA to DVI and it fixed the problem.


We are glad to hear that you found a solution to the problem. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. We’re here to help.


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