Image flipped, banding/inversion

All of the images the microscope takes are flipped left to right. Also, I see occasional banding/inversion in the lower half of the image, most often when taking video. See the exmaples below. I’m using PhotoBooth on Mac.!](](

Hi Christopher,

I had never noticed this issue with the horizontal image flipping in Photo Booth. I was able to re-create this, and it looks like it’s just an issue with how Photo Booth interprets the signal from the microscope. This issue doesn’t appear in the MicroCapture software. So if the horizontal flip bothers you, I would recommend installing and utilizing MicroCapture; download link below:…

Now with that banding/inversion issue, there are a couple different things it could be, but the symptoms point to a hardware issue. If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend making sure that the microscope is plugged directly in to one of your system’s ports, not being routed through any hubs or extension cables. This could possibly be causing signal degradation. If it is already plugged directly in to your computer, try a different port and see if that solves it. If not, send us a support ticket and we will be happy to offer a replacement.

I will also see if I can re-create the inversion issue just to rule out software as a possibility. If I find anything, I will update this posting.

Hope this helps, and please get back to us if you have any issues!

Sam Morgan
Technical Support Analyst
Plugable Technologies