iMac freezes since upgrading to MacOS Mojave

Have had a USB2-HUB10S (now discontinued) my iMac for several years which worked with no issues. Since installing last Mac OS Mojave, the iMac will not boot. Called Apple and walked though disconnecting USB plugs one-by one from the hub. Disconnecting one solved issue.

Will the USB2-HUB10S work on Mac OS Mojave or do I need to replace with a newer hub?
(And is the USB2-HUB10S a 32 or 64 bit hub (and is that even a valid question)?

That’s certainly a strange issue!

I can’t think of any reason that hub wouldn’t work in that specific configuration. Did you have to disconnect the entire hub to make the Mac boot, or was it just one device on the hub?

And as to your final question, no, that isn’t valid. 32-bit and 64-bit have to do with CPU architecture, among other things. Here’s a bit more about that if you’re interested:

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