I'm gonna plug youse guys, see?!


Why don’t you guys start selling the cabling adapters for connecting various cables to the 15-pin output on this and other products? I’m going nutzo trying to figure out which one to buy from all the numerous, identical-looking, red-white-yellow-S RCA adapters on Amazon offered by Insten alone. There’s lots of us idiots who can’t figure it out from Amz’s descriptions – look at all the very low feedback star-ratings for these products on the Amz listings which are the result of guessing wrong and getting the wrong adapter. Thinkaboutit…


Adapting our USB-VGA-165 via an VGA to RCA adapter will not work. USB graphic adapters need a valid EDID (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extende…) signal from the monitor or TV to function. Analog RCA signaling does not pass on EDID. I am sorry to say that your desired setup will not work.