Ilive Speakers with your product

I have “Ilive” speakers, but the Digital 2.4 GHz ISM wireless transmitter sucks, 2nd broken one and I haven’t owned it for a year. Will your (Plugable USB 2.0 Wireless Audio Adapter and Receiver (SYNIC chipset)) work on their speakers? Do you have a product that does?

Thanks mike

Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting! We don’t have any iLike speakers around. Quick question: do the speakers themselves have a 3.5mm audio input (which bypasses their wireless stuff)?

If not, unfortunately there wouldn’t be a way to re-using the speakers with our kit.

We don’t know what chipset they use, so we can’t guess on over-the-air compatibility, but would have to assume they use a different technology than we do (assume they don’t use a SYNIC chipset), so therefore wouldn’t be compatible over the air.

Hope that helps - let us know if you have any other clues which might help us to speculate in more detail.



Thank you for getting back to me, so quickly and efficiently. I would love to move away from Ilive all together, but the speakers still work. Transmitter is a piece of garbage. Here are the product details.

Digital 2.4 GHz ISM wireless transmitter
Transmission distance up to 200 ft. line-of-sight and up to 90 ft indoors
3.5mm stereo line-in jacks
DC-power: requires AC/DC adapter (included)
Wireless Speakers:
Independent volume setting for each speaker, rotary volume control
Power on/status LED
Pairing button
Weather resistant
AC-power: built-in AC cord
DC-power: requires 6-D size batteries (not included)
AC/DC power adapter
Line-in cable, 3.5mm to 2 x RCA


They do have 3.5mm audio input! Is their a product that you offer that can cover this?


Hi Mike,

If the speakers themselves have standard 3.5mm audio input, then they will work with our Wireless Audio Adapter and Receiver.

(also watch the setup video at… )

The range of wireless varies a lot, depending on environment, so it will be interesting to see if we’re able to provide a better distance/experience than you got with the ilive speakers themselves. Let us know!