igfxext module has stopped working

Hi, I recently purchased the UD-3900 so that I would only have to switch minimal wires when switching from my main pc to my work laptop. On my work laptop, I get the subject error every time I “undock” and redock" my laptop. The message flashes about four times and then its fine, but it’s an annoyance because now it happens even when simply plugging the work machine to a projector during meetings.

Can you help to resolve?

Hi Hejal.

Thanks for posting! I would be happy to help with your docking station. The igfxext error you mention refers to an Intel utility to manage displays. In some cases this can cause problems, so the first step would be to follow the instructions here to disable the application to see if that helps (the utility is not required for things to work properly) -> http://support.displaylink.com/knowle… One thing to make sure of when following those steps is that you only disable the item that refers explicitly to the ‘igfxext’ item as shown in the example, as we don’t want you to inadvertently disable the wrong thing.

Please let us know if that information helps!

Hello Hejal,

We’re going to close this thread, but of course feel free to reach out via email if you have any other questions or issues.