Identcal new laptops; Docking Station works fine on one, not on other

Plugable USB 2.0 docking station, 2 identical HP laptops with Windows 7 plus monitor plugged into docking station. Loaded SW per instructions on both. On first laptop, worked as expected with monitor plugged into docking station – extended screen, duplicate screens. Used the same docking station for setting up both laptops

On second laptop, using same docking station and monitor, get the following:
–Setting -“Duplicate These Displays” the laptop screen is normal, but monitor screen is black with message “signal over range”

–“Extend these Displays” Normal - wallpaper, no windows or icons

– Show Desktop only on [1] [2] - performs as expected.

Need help – what might I be overlooking?

Setting up for church service audio/visual, on projector screen Powerpoint

Hi Russ,

Thanks for contacting us! No problem - we’ll get the problem and solution figured out.

Some quick questions to confirm:

  1. You’re using VGA to the projector (Blue 15-pin connector), and the DVI->VGA adapter for the dock to connect to that cable, is that right? With a long VGA cable, the monitor/projector can’t report back its capabilities to the PC reliably. When it doesn’t, you’ll see “Generic Monitor” in Windows Screen Resolution control panel, rather than the specific projector model.

  2. If you’re not getting a reliable EDID, Windows won’t remember settings from boot to boot, and when you plug in, you’ll have to explicitly change the graphics mode (again using the Screen Resolution control panel) to a mode compatible with the projector.

Do these symptoms match what you’re seeing, or does it appear to be something different? Either way, we’ll be able to suggest solutions.

Thanks for your patience!