I want to sing karaoke from my PC and have the mic and audio come through my Bose headphones

I have a VocoPro mixer connected my Yamaha receiver. The PC audio connects perfectly. I want to be able to use karaoke from my PC and include the mixer and microphone. Is that possible? Right now the audio comes through my Bose headphones but not the mic.

Migrated from previous Plugable Support forum 09/05/2018:

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your post! I’m sorry if you are encountering any problems getting this setup working with any of our products. We would like to help you troubleshoot.

This is most likely a software configuration problem and we can help with setting up any device defaults in Windows.

Could you please send me the Amazon order number for any of our products along with the specific make and model of the mixer and receiver?

Please send this to support@plugable.com with Ticket #234561 and we can take a look at some solutions.


Derek Nuzum
Plugable Techonologies