I picked up the 4.0 bluetooth adapter. I have it plugged into the front of my onkyo txnr708 but my iPhone 4S won't pair with it

Hi Bob,

Thanks for posting! The Onkyo TX-NR708 is a home theater receiver.

From the product listing page, the Onkyo’s USB ports support only one or two functions: USB storage devices for playing back music, and an Onkyo branded USB Wifi adapter.

To support any other kind of USB device (like a USB Bluetooth adapter), a computer has to have to have drivers for it. Our adapter has drivers for Windows, and drivers bundled with recent versions of Linux. The Onkyo is own beast, and doesn’t have drivers for anything other than storage (USB flash drives, etc.) – definitely not for any USB Bluetooth adapters.

So, in short, the Onkyo doesn’t support adding Bluetooth functionality via a USB adapter.

Hope that helps save some trouble. Sorry for the bad news!

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Not quite. Onkyo do make a Bluetooth USB adaptor that plugs in there, the UBT-1.

I dont know if you can use other brands of Bluetooth adaptor, probably not.