I need to use multiple monitors

I use an HP Envy with a Gen 8 i7 processor and Windows 10. I purchased the plugable USB-C Docking Station for the purpose of using multiple displays for my work. I can not, however, have more than one additional display at any given time. The advertisement said that I could connect three peripherals. How do I get the computer to recognize the second monitor?

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Hi Michael,

Sorry to hear of the frustration!

I was concerned based upon your reply that your support ticket (210568) had not received a response, but after checking our ticketing system at it appears you emailed our support team yesterday at 1:27PM PST and received a reply from us 8 minutes later.

The most recent interaction yesterday was a request for some log file so we can investigate further and provide step by step instructions. If you’d like, we’re glad to assist with that – our log gathering tool can found at the link below, along with instructions on emailing the logs to us for analysis:

Also, we appreciate the feedback on the support process. A bit of additional information in case it’s of interest: We’ve intentionally chosen to focus on email support rather than phone support as it lets us dig in to each unique issue using log file analysis and provide customized step-by-step instructions, from a smaller team of experts, without the typical call center experience of long hold times and entry level support personnel. We realize this isn’t for everyone! So we do our best to call attention to our support model on all of our Amazon listings and our website.