I have horrible static in audio with the nix capture card from plugable

i have horrible static in audio with the nix capture card from plugable

Funny, I was about to start a thread voicing the same issue. When I try to listen to the game audio, it’s very crackly. The only workaround I have found is to connect the audio-out on the back of my monitor to the line-in on my PC and record that way. But that introduces more issues with noise from poor quality built in audio ports.

so your using a nix capture card the only to hook it up up is to hook your ps4 or whatever to line in port and then whatever moniter to line out port and then capture card to pc i did it using the usb to usb c to be honest im not sure what your talking about all of setup uses hdmi if you would like to give some more info i would like to try to help

Audio stutters/skips/static are almost always due to a mismatch of audio sample rates somewhere in the audio capture chain.

It is important to have all settings, such as Windows sound device for capture, Windows sound device for output, and OBS (capture card settings and stream/recording settings) configured to 48KHz audio. If any of those are set to 44.1Khz accidentally, then those issues will occur.

Comb through those settings and double-check their configuration.

I hope this helps.

That was my first thought as well and I have everything on my PC configured to 48khz, including the Nix.

i as well have everything configured to the 48khz i am running out of things to try and change and could really use some help

If there are still issues after changing the sampling rates, please work with us via email support so that we can help gather more technical data to investigate further.

how do i do that do you not have my info im sure its everywhere on plugables sight this issue HAS GONE ON FOR TO LONG i paid my money for the product and i should have a properly working product and not get getting broad spectrum awnsers that i literaly had already done and figured out on my own evidently this is actualy a common issue people get with your product thats fine all capture cards have issues but i get 1 email a day and now im being told to work via email well heres my email brandonlove310@gmail.com

Hi Brandon,

I think that you already have a support ticket open with us via your yahoo email account (ticket 305887). Our email address is support@plugable.com

I’m sorry if you feel my suggestion was generic/unhelpful. It is a common issue and it does usually boil down to a setting being missed somewhere. I can help check for potential problems by getting system logs and OBS configuration files sent to us via email. If it turns out to not be a configuration/software issue, we can of course help to arrange a replacement of the capture card under warranty. It is important to rule out configuration problems first though.

Thank you.

My issue has gone away by rebooting my PC, after switching everything to 48khz, but also I switched USB ports. Initially when I had the issue, the only USB port I could get to work with the device was 2.0, 3.0 didn’t and still doesn’t work with it. At present, I use a USB 3.1 port and the static is gone. I am not sure if this would correct your issue with poor audio, but it’s fixed mine.

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