I have Dell Venue Pro 8 and want to buy either 3000 or 3900

I want to connect 2 monitors (dvi and normal d-shell 15-pin) and normal rj45 type network cable. I’m not sure which device I need or which device is optimal. Also what cables, etc. do I need to do all the connecting of my Dell Venue Pro 8 to a Plugable device? And I am planning on Amazon purchase so you can reference Amazon #'s if convenient. If this knowledge is in an existing article please link. I searched but didn’t find. btw - LOVE your support forums, very easy to work with.

We answered Lee directly via our email ticketing system. Posting the response below in case it will be useful for others who have the same question:

The difference between the UD-3000 and the UD-3900 is support for one monitor vs. two - so it sounds like the 3900 would be a better fit there. Both devices support rj45 ethernet.

The 3900 has a DVI port which can be adapted to VGA (the adapter is included). The second video port on the dock is HDMI, so you will need an HDMI to DVI adapter cable to attach your second monitor.

The other item you will need is is an “OTG Cable”, which tells the Venue to switch from “charging” mode to “host” mode to work with devices such as our dock.

We also have a pretty thorough blog post covering the Venue Pro 8 and our products, which can be found here: